What is the Ardor Reward System – A general introduction

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      The Ardor Reward system is a simple plugin that can be installed on any WordPress + BuddyPress website to allow the website to have a Reward System just like on Ardor Rocks.
      What the plugin does at installation:
      – Check that BuddyPress and myCred plugins are installed as pre-requisite
      – Add the additional profile field “Ardor Account ID” where users need to add their own Ardor Account where the reward will be transferred
      – Add a settings page containing the following field:
      – Ardor Node URL: The node that will be used to process the Ardor transactions
      – Account Passphrase: The passphrase of the account holding the Reward Asset and issuing the transactions
      – Asset ID: The ID of the Reward Asset that needs to be created beforehand
      – Payout Threshold: The amount of points a user has to reach before getting the payout. Payouts will happen every time the user reaches the Threshold of multiples of it
      – Reward Payout Interval: at what frequency will the Reward System check the users points and reward accordingly

      Once these settings are ready and the users start adding their accounts to their profiles, the Ardor Reward System will start working.
      Users can receive the rewards only if their accounts are “active” which means that they should have received at least a transaction before.

      This is still an alpha version of the plugin but can be already tested.

      For contributions to the code:

      Have fun!

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      Next updates I would like to see:
      – dynamic increase of asset shares with settings on settings page
      – sign transactions locally in “Ardor Lite style” @mrv777
      – increase passphrase security

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