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    So what exactly becomes of NXT after July 2018?
    Will it still continue as it is?
    Will the NRS still at least continue to get bug-fix support?
    From a technological standpoint, Ignis looks awesome. However, fro a corporate politics standpoint… not so much; thus far it looks to be a deal-breaker.
    Long live NXT!
    Any help appreciated.
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    I’ve wrote my opinion in this blog post which I will also post on here… sorry… I abandoned this website for a while. 🙁
    Besides the investment point of view, I guess it will be also supported for long according to my knowledge.
    I still believe what there are plenty of applications out there that would happily clone NXT for their own usage and at the same time NXT holders benefit from the 10% airdrop described in the JPL:

    Very sorry for my late reply! I will now be back here actively! 🙂

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