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    Hi Community

    Ardor Rocks reward system inspired me to implement a similar system to an old forum of a community of mine (17 years old forum, but with updates).

    The activity is declining from year to year, communication moves to the mobile phone (WhatsApp groups and stuff). So maybe a fun reward system is helping to bring some activity back. Since we also have offline events in the community, we could use the rewards for offline things too.

    Now my question, mainly for @thewiremaster:
    How exactly are you implementing the reward system?
    Where does it connect to the blockchain?
    Is it a plugin?
    What steps are manual?

    any information is helpful 🙂

    Thanks in advance

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    Nice one! Answer needs some time! Will do that as soon as I’m back home! 😉

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    Ardor rocks is based on WordPress + BuddyPress. There are a bunch of plugins and the one I’m using for the point collection is called “myCred”.
    So that’s taking care of the points and I can also set in that plugin how many points for each task and also I can adjust the user points manually in case someone cheats, etc.
    What I have created is a database table with collected points and paid points and a php script that runs every 12 hours that updates that table, verifies if someone has more that 100 points (or multiples of 100) and sends a API call to the ardor node to send the transaction. At the same time it checks if the recipient account is active, if the transaction was successful and if yes it updates the database table with the points paid.
    Hope that explains a bit.
    If you like I can provide you the script, but keep in mind that it’s based on the database tables/fields used by WordPress/BuddyPress/myCred

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    Thanks for the explanation.

    The process is clear but I don’t know if my technical skills are enough:)
    I will come back to you if I need further assistance:)

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    Looks like tonight 2 Rocks asset transfers, to me and you @shugo, worked properly! So it’s working! 🤓

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    so cool! Thanks:)

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