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      In this topic I will add some information on the features of Ardor Rocks and some hints on how to use it.
      Any comment of recommendation are welcome!

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 1

      So Let’s start from the basics… what is Ardor Rocks?

      Ardor Rocks is a community website based on BuddyPress + bbpress (forums) which allows users to have a social network and a forum working side by side.
      As it happens in other social networks, it’s good practice to have FRIENDS. Having friends is a good thing because being alone in this world sucks and because you can sort this activity page by eliminating all the noise and focusing only on your friends posts. Once your logged in and you have made some friends, click on the link above called “MY FRIENDS”, on the right of “ALL MEMBERS” and you will only see the updates of your friends.
      Isn’t that cool?
      You can anyway see what non-friends post by clicking on the “ALL MEMBERS” link above.

      This is the first chapter of many to follow… stay tuned and remember that Ardor Rocks!

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 2
      Groups are an essential part of this website. Groups collect people that are interested in a specific topic. And the best part of all is that any user can create groups. It’s very simple. Here’s how you do it:
      1-click on the “Groups” link in the menu
      2-click on “CREATE A GROUP”
      You will then fill in information such as: name, description, permissions of the group, if the groups should have a dedicated forum and you will be able to customize the look by optionally adding an icon and a header background picture.
      Once you created your group you can start inviting your friends to it!
      Notice that when posting an activity you can chose to post it in your profile (default) or in a specific group. That’s helpful because if someone is not interested in all the stuff going on in Ardor Rocks but only in the activity of the groups that they belong to, then they can filter this page by clicking on “MY GROUPS” above. Messages posted on the personal profiles will not be shown there.
      Stay tuned for the next episodes and remember that Ardor Rocks!

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 3
      One thing that keeps information nicely organized are forums. There is no project in the crypto space that doesn’t have its own forum.
      We do have our official forums: and, but Ardor Rocks provides also fully functional forum.
      The menu on top called “Forums” brings you to the main forums page. But down on the bottom of the page you will find the Groups Forums. Those are the ones you can create when creating your group.
      If your group becomes relevant enough for the community, then we can move it in the main Forums.
      So what are you waiting for? Start posting your first forum post or start creating your own right now!

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 4
      The heart of Ardor Rocks is WordPress, which means blog. And everybody can write his/her own blog post.
      Just head to: your profile – My Articles
      And click on “compose”. There you are… you’re a blogger now. 😜

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 5
      There’s actually no Ardor Rocks mobile app, but there is a beautiful “web app” you can easily add on your Android or iOS device.
      On Android, when visiting the website, you will be asked to add the web app to your Home Screen. It might take some seconds before you see the icon appear, but once it’s there you will not regret! 🙂
      On iOS you have to manually add Ardor Rocks to your home screen by visiting the website with Safari, clicking on the share button and choosing “Add to Home Screen” from the available options.
      Our own social network is now available in the palm of your hand!

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 6

      The structure of the website might be confusing at first. Best way to figure it out is by using it, but if you want to know my opinion, here you are!
      You have a couple of places where you can post your post (sorry about that). 🙂

      Your PROFILE:
      when you login to the website and you are on the homepage that’s the default. Everybody will see what you write in the “ALL MEMBERS” filter or if users are your friends and they are using the “MY FRIENDS” filter, they will see your messages.

      A GROUP:
      You can post a message in a specific Group. When doing that all users belonging to that group will see your post also if they are not your friends. Your message will also be visible in the “ALL MEMBERS” page except if the Group is a private group.

      A FORUM:
      If you have a topic that that requires some deeper discussion, then better to create a Forum topic. Most of the groups have their own forum, so you can reach that specific forum by clicking on the “Forum” menu on top and selecting the right forum name or you can simply open the group page and you will find the forum as one of the sections of that group. Note that some Forums don’t have a group attached, like for example the “General” Forum, and in fact you will notice the layout difference when you reach it. And you also have some groups that don’t have a forum, like for example the “News!” group. That’s because when the group was created, who created it didn’t want the group to have a forum.

      So, to make it simple, just post where you feel is the right place. 🙂

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 7
      Searching content is not perfect… let’s put that out there, simple and clear.
      The reason is that the search button on the header is meant to search for sections of the website rather than all its content.
      So it can search for Group names, forums, blog posts and stuff like that, but it cannot find a specific word in an activity or a forum reply.
      So that is definitely not the best searching tool on the platform.
      But there’s a way out. There’s hope.
      Quality content should be posted in the forums. Quick chatty whatever things should be posted in the activity feed.
      And when going on the forum page, there is a nice search bar that can check through the content of all the forums:
      So there is our workaround and also a reason more to create more interesting content in the forums.
      To simplify…
      – activity feed is like slack… things disappear. In slack they just disappear, here you cannot find them anymore.
      – forum is like the forum… things don’t disappear and can be found afterwards.

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 8
      As you have probably noticed, some links from popular sites are nicely embedded in the Activity stream and in the forums. Not all of them will work.
      For the more nerdish ones, more information is available here:

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 9
      There are some little extras I’ve added recently!

      Photos attachments to activity posts
      Now you can store the pictures on Ardor Rocks without having to store them somewhere else first and post the link here. This feature has been added after @thecryptowoman’s suggestion! 🙂

      Attachments to forums
      Now you can attach files to forum topics.

      If enabled in the group settings, you have a documentation collaboration space.

      Forum Polls
      You can now attach a poll when creating a new Forum Topic.

      Test test test and let me know if something is not working!

      We rock!

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 10
      How could I forget that! aiaiaiaiai…
      Now you can like content with that little rocket you see below each post.
      And liking content means that the one receiving a like gets also some ROCKS!
      It is still not perfect because likes have to be given on the main page also for entries like Forum Replies or Topics, so needs some improvement, but there it is… your tool to make others rich! 😀

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 11
      This is the first step in making the ROCKS asset become more valuable.
      ROCKS are now not only representing the value of the platform (more content, more value) but have a practical purpose behind, and that’s to pay for Ad spaces on Ardor Rocks.
      This is starting the process of initiating a closed economy in this website:
      – people get rewarded because they contribute to the content of the website;
      – more people participate because they like the service provided and they like to get a reward in return;
      – more people liking the service means more people joining the platform;
      – more people joining the platform means more interest in Advertisements on the platform;
      – more interest in Advertisement means that ROCKS have to be collected either via participation or buying them on the Ardor Asset exchange.

      (Be aware that the current points distribution model might change beginning of next year)

      So here are a couple of hints for who wants to post an Ad. I’ve noticed in these first experiments that there were problems with choosing the right size of the picture.
      So the users that have paid for the Ads yesterday will have a “free Ad” bonus to use the next time they create an Ad. Should be visible in the ordering form.

      Please be aware that you can always edit your Ads once they are published, so if the picture doesn’t look good, you can change it afterwards in the “Ads User Panel”.
      Unfortunately the preview is always shown the same width, no matter which space is being used. And some Ad spaces a much wider than the preview… But the hight remains the same, so maybe you can try to imagine how it will look and please also look at the existing Ads to understand their real sizes.

      I will then post suggested sizes for each space as soon as I find the perfect size myself! 😀

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 12

      Default forum editor has been replaced has been replaced with TinyMCE.

      This means that you can now add pictures inline in your posts.

      Like this:

      Ardor Rocks

      Happy weekend!

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        I temporary disabled this functionality because I noticed that it stops automatic embeds of twitter, etc
        Will activate it once this issue is fixed

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      Ardor Rocks – Chapter 13
      Each group has a section for Media. If you upload a picture to an activity, you will find that picture in the “WALL POSTS” album. That’s the default album.
      If you want to create another album because you want to separate that content, then you have the ability to create your own album

      That’s especially useful if you want to create a forum post like this one:
      and you don’t want to host your pictures on some other site. You can then take the picture’s url and add them to the forum text in the “img” tag.

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