Ardor - Scalable and sustainable

The Ardor Main Chain

Transactions in the child chains are processed in 1 minute average blocks.

Transaction data will be pruned on child chains, thus reducing the size of the blockchain independently from the number of child chains and number of child chain transactions.

Behind Ardor there is Jelurida, the company of the core developers of Nxt, a blockchain solution running stable and secure since 2013.

Creating an Ardor Child Chain

All child chain transaction fees will be paid in the child chain coin. Users will not need to have any ARDR in order to operate on the child chain. That specific task will be taken care by the Bundlers.

Any account on the child chain, such as the creating account, can setup a Bundler that will collect transaction fees in the native child chain token then pay the processing fees of the child chain in ARDR to the Main Chain. The cheapest Bundler will be automatically used by user transactions.

Assets within Ardor can be traded on all child chains throughout the platform allowing different markets for each Asset.

Creating new child chains after the launch of Ardor will need to be done manually with the support/approval of Jelurida. The creation process will be simplified in the future allowing blockchain creators to avoid setting up their own blockchain and securing it with enough nodes.

Child Chain Features

Lightweight Smart Contracts 2.0 are deployed on the Ignis blockchain of the Ardor Platform and solve serious shortcomings and vulnerabilities of the common smart contracts that popular blockchains are still trying to fix.

This means Smart Contracts on Ignis are ready for your business or digital application (dApp) now. Combined with more than 12 transactional features built into the blockchain and more than 250 APIs available, Lightweight Smart Contracts 2.0 substantiate the reputation of Ardor Platform as a true Blockchain-as-a-Service.

You don’t need to learn a new programming language to get started. Lightweight Smart Contracts 2.0 are written in the very popular Java language. If you are familiar with smart contracts and ready to get started, find the technical information you need on the Ardor Learning Hub.

More info:

Assign easy names to URLs, Ardor Accounts or any other data with the Aliases feature.

Store data on the blockchain with 40kb max size limit.

Allow accounts to create transactions with specific approval rules by other accounts.

Issue or trade Assets in a fully decentralized exchange.

Create your own tokens within the child chain native token

Send encrypted or unencrypted messages and files through the Ardor client.

Allow users to shuffle funds with other users to protect privacy.

Decentralized voting system, allowing users to vote fully on blockchain in a safe and immutable way.

Plugins can be created and installed to customize certain functionalities.

Create conditional or unconditional transactions with deferred execution.

An online shop completely on the Ardor blockchain.

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