The reason of why I write down this article is that I want to share my experienced and opinion of Ardor Rocks. Always writing something makes me delightful. Recently, I barely found any source for writing, but finally I found ones. This article may not be placed on famous place or many people not watching, but it is enough that make my foot print on Ardor Rocks. So, let’s take a look little bit of Ardor Rocks.


 Ardor Rocks is a kind of SNS(Social Network Service). You can upload your opinion, news, picture, video etc. Nothing special comparing other SNS, but you can get some point depends how much you activity here. The point is automatically given by Ardor Rocks, not from others. It means that you don’t have to beg some point from other, like Steemit. The points can be converted with ROCKS token as 1:1 ratio. To get receive ROCKS, you need to make one activated Ardor Account. Token is distributed in units of 100. For example, if you have 99 points, then you don’t get nothing. But, after 100 points, like 101, then you can get 100 ROCKS Token in your wallet automatically at specific time (Every 6 hours). So, what we can do with ROCKS Token? Below picture is briefly shown how it works.



 You can see some advertise banner in middle of web page, Nxter, Ardorgate etc… So, using ROCKS Tokens, you can do advertise whatever you want. I don’t know exactly how much fee on it, but I may do later and check and write it soon. Secondly, you can trade ROCKS Token on Ardor Coin Exchange. You can exchange Token with any other Tokens in Ardor Platform. (Ardor, Ignis, MPG etc.) So far these are only I know how we use ROCKS Tokens now. Let’s put aside the Token Story here. I’ll write more after actually doing it.


So, why this plaice is an attractive for me? I am not professional writer. Writing is only my one of my hobby. I have some experienced that running my blog on other web site. When I first ran a blog, I started writing as a hobby, but as my writing became more exposed and advertising service were registered, the subject of writing didn’t toward what I wanted. Simply, I started writing subject which attracted only people’s attention. All this was happened due to the added benefit some from advertisement. However, this place, the price given to me is the same no matter what subject, or depending on how often I am exposed. Only it is depends how much I activity here. I don’t need to be famous or don’t need to write any hot topic. Even writing some only what I know is also enough for get a reward. This reward system makes me encourage to attend this place more than others.


I’ve been doing activity here almost 1 month, and get approximately 1,600 points. I’ll use this point to some advertisement system and try to exchange to other coins on Ardor Coin Exchange. I have introduced this site on other community site, but it seems nobody interested now. But, after I exchanged the point what I get here to Ardor or Ignis coin, then I guess some people will start to look this place. We will see.


PS : Some donation make encourage to my writing story.

Address : ARDOR-LEG7-28M4-9YYQ-2LDV9


  1. TheWireMaster 2 years ago

    Nice to read your thoughts on Ardor Rocks!
    Just be aware that sometime in the future the reward system will change a bit and only “likes” will be converted into ROCKS. That will make it more fair towards quality content.
    But at the moment it will remain in this way! 😉

    • Author
      RockU84 2 years ago

      Oh, thanks for your noticed! I should do more activity here until changing reward system! 🙂

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