This is the first edition of the “thoughts” series. A space where I express my feelings about projects, development and anything surrounding Blockchain, Ardor, etc.

So let’s get started and let’s see where these thoughts bring us…

One of the most evident things happening lately is the slowdown in community engagement during this long bear market. It is, in my opinion, unavoidable. The crypto space is packed with lots of people that are mainly interested in the value of cryptos and Ardor, Ignis, NXT are no exception, so obviously this translates in smaller groups of people engaged when the market is constantly going down.

The other side of the community, the one that wants to use the technology and build on top of it, is always around. I did notice that there is a constant comparison with other projects, and that’s perfectly fine because only by comparing and looking at what the others do better, Jelurida, ANG and the community can take actions to fill the gap and maybe improve on those observations.

Looking at the crypto space more in general, the slowdown in my opinion is due to the lack of “get rich quick” phenomenon. That was the case in the first years of crypto when there were clones of bitcoin or other cryptos being born that were starting from scratch and that meant that the early buyers could push and promote that specific token in order to get a quick gain.

Then came the ICO fever. If you had an idea, you would issue an ERC20 token on Ethereum and create a decent website with a decent whitepaper and voilΓ , you had many investors throwing money at you because the heat was on and their investment would have most likely multiplied in the following weeks/months.

At this time in crypto history, I don’t see a similar phenomenon happening. This means that only people really passionate about the technology, the developers, the ones that are invested in infrastructure (mining equipment) and the ones left with large bags of cryptos who can afford to be patient are still active in the space.

At the same time the technology advances. Jelurida is constantly throwing out new features and pushing the boundaries of this technology. And so is the competition. The technology is getting more and more mature and getting ready for mainstream. And big corporations and authorities are working, in the background, on projects based on blockchain.

So from a technical adoption point of view, I’m pretty sure that we are getting there.

On the other hand I’m afraid that technical adoption doesn’t necessarily mean increase in value. The blockchain would work perfectly fine also with tokens worth 0, as long as you have a network of nodes. And nodes are no longer increasing driven by block rewards or transaction fees. The space is too centralised (mining pools) or too much enduser oriented (low fees) that there is no incentive to put an extra node online besides reasons connected to the passion and the belief of people in this technology.

If I was to re-invent bitcoin or any other crypto, I would create it with Proof-Of-Nothing: distribute tokens in Bitcoin fashion but randomly. Just let nodes run on any PC, also a RaspberryPI and just reward randomly any node, no matter the power of the CPU or the holding stake. In my opinion that would be a much more fair way to distribute wealth and that would create a larger network of nodes because chances are the same for anyone to get lucky. Instead, with the current popular consensus algorithms, muscles win, no matter if CPU or Stake and that doesn’t look to me like the holy grail of global economy fairness.

And with that spirit in mind, I am working on Ardor Rocks.

The distribution of tokens is purely based on contributions to this website. You don’t need muscles here, you just need to produce content, better quality content, because the more likes (hearts) you get, the more $ROCKS you get. And myself? I am rewarded in the same way. The $ROCKS I hold are coming from my contribution to this site as any other participant.

My dream in fact is to see an organic growth of the platform. Starting from the current situation: small server, laggy, mostly free platform, etc. to triggering the micro economy on the website by selling Ad spaces, earning $ROCKS from Ad sales that then can be sold in exchange of $IGNIS, $ARDOR or $AEUR and with that money improve the platform.

It’s a dream, but in my dream it’s a win-win-win scenario.

  • Users win because they get rewarded for their participation
  • Advertisers win because they have cheap Ad spaces especially in these early days
  • Platform owners (at the moment only me) win because the Ad earned money can be injected in improving the platform
  • Better platform gets more users
  • More users get more Advertisers
  • More users and more Advertisers increase the value of the $ROCKS token
  • Higher value of the $ROCKS token and more income from Ad sales means a better and better platform, with native mobile app, etc
  • and so on

It’s a dream, but I really enjoy the dream part too!

My thoughts “edition 1” go also to Max Property Group, Bitswift, Ardorgate. The Ardor commercial child-chains that are made of real people and real projects. Projects that are too good to be true. All my positive vibes go to you guys!

Ardor Lite is available on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store. That’s pretty awesome! Wonderful job from Mrv777.

And Triffic! That’s one of those projects that can bring vitality to the space. I am a big fan or Triffic. Potentially it will put Ardor in the hands of thousands or maybe millions of people.

That’s all for my first thoughts! Any comment is welcome, good or bad… you get rewarded anyway! πŸ˜‰

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

  1. shugo 2 years ago

    Thank you, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts! Waiting for Part 2 and if I have a few spare minutes I will try to respond.

  2. RockU84 2 years ago

    I will support your Dreams, because I will get rewarded anyway!:)

  3. Martin R 2 years ago

    Nice article. There is one sentence I would like to comment “One of the most evident things happening lately is the slowdown in community engagement during this long bear market.” – I think the engagement has just shifted, and it shifted to the better. In the bull market the main focus seemed to be “how can I push the value of the coin by just throwing out news / ideas / (weak) promises. No it looks like that the focus is more on hard working to improve solutions. So many good developments are happening (like the ones from Jelurida), but the market just seems to ignore that in token valuation. On the one side it might create some frustration, but on the other side it keeps people focusing on development rather than speculation. My expectation (or hope) is, that one day we look back to this phase of the market and recognise, how well it served as basis for many good solutions. And maybe that will also be the time when we are proud being early members of your dream product.

    • Martin R 2 years ago

      By the way, I posted that during the installation of Ardor on Ubunte in step 6 : “6) Wait for Java installation (this may take some time(get a Coffee πŸ™‚ )” – Maybe you want to consider replacing “get a coffee” with “post some thoughts” πŸ˜‰

      • Author
        TheWireMaster 2 years ago

        Yes! Exactly… they don’t need to be too long… just as long as the script runs! πŸ™‚

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