One of the things that make the world what it is today is the right to vote.

On a regular basis we are asked, in most parts of the world, to choose who are our representatives in our Countries. The people we believe are the closest to our ideals, interests and more.

This is one of the most critical parts of our democracies. If this system of electing our representatives fails, we would have a broken society as the majority of people are not the ones in power. Sometimes it’s arguable if the chosen ones are the best ones, but that’s another topic.

And this is one of those things that blockchain can fix in a dramatic way!

Today voting is still mostly done by going to a place with your ID, taking a folded piece of paper and a pen (or pencil) and flagging the favourite candidate or party from a list in a hidden spot. The paper is then folded again and inserted in a box that collects all the votes.

After that votes are casted. And that’s done by opening this box and having some people check the votes manually. If the mark is not clear, then the vote can be classified as invalid. But basically we have people that are checking and counting votes manually. And humans make mistakes and if these mistakes lead to governments that are not the ones with the real majority of votes, there goes the beauty of our democracies.

There is also the electronic vote used in some places, but also there we have a central authority controlling that data.

Voting is the only tool we have to claim that we live in democratic Countries and that means that we have to be 100% sure that we have no cheats behind the scene.

And there comes the blockchain with an extremely valid use case.

NXT has the same vision since 2014 when the feature was added to the core software (link to wiki). A fully decentralized platform to collect votes is the perfect solution to remove any doubt of irregular behaviour and human mistake.

And, as all features available in NXT, also the Voting System has been made available in all the Ardor child chains.

It is one of my favourite NXT/Ardor features because it’s not coded by whoever, but there’s a guarantee that it will work for sure as it’s one of the Smart Transactions out of the box and coded by the Jelurida core devs.

And I was sure that this would have been the NXT/Ardor “killer app” but it didn’t happen. It’s the key to the legitimacy of our democracies served on a silver dish and yet it just seems to be ignored.

Yes, there was a debate on the scalability of the tool and if it could serve a country national election, but it doesn’t necessarily need to start at that scale. It could start in some Swiss town voting or anywhere where it can be tested at a smaller scale. And with the latest testnet version of Ardor, the block generation time has been reduced to 10 seconds which means 6 times more transactions than in the past.

So besides all the recent disillusionment around blockchain, mainly caused by its market cap, the technology is extremely important to solve some of the fundamental parts of our society. So let’s not get distracted by the price, let’s focus on how much good this technology can bring to the world an let’s start using it now.

But after all, I’m not sure everyone would really like to change the status quo…

  1. Enrico Caruso 2 years ago

    Voting on blockchain, and better if NXT or ADOR one, it’s also my dream. The only thing I need to figure is how the vote can be personal and equal, free and secret (like stated on Article 48 of the Italian Constitution). Mainly the requirement of the secrecy part.

  2. RockU84 2 years ago

    There are still many people who doesn’t believe computer and high tech stuff. This is not a blockchain or tech problem, I think..IMO, before starting serious voting, we should put blockchain system into survey system. Lots of marketing company does survey, but still some people may hardly believe what survey company did. On-line survey company should apply the blockchain system to their survey, then probably its more reliable.

  3. RockU84 2 years ago

    What is different between yours and below cryptowoman’s? @[email protected]

  4. Martin R 2 years ago

    The difference is huge. With the voters don’t need to understand anything like wallet and keys. They just open a link, click a few buttons, that’s it. Cryptowomans approach is to teach voters how to vote using the Ardor wallet, which is also a good initiative, but much more challenging.

    • Author
      TheWireMaster 2 years ago

      Yes, exactly. what I’m trying to do is to make it dummy proof. That’s besides the fact that smartvoting creates also accounts and whitelists them automatically using a MS token created just for that.
      I have to improve a lot, but it’s coming together nicely. 😉

  5. Martin R 1 year ago

    Voting Machines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    That video delivers quite a few arguments, why solutions like are needed.

    • Author
      TheWireMaster 1 year ago

      Oh wow! There’s a mountain of reasons in that video! 👍👍👍
      Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

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