It is an exciting time for Crypto lovers all over the globe. The market keeps blossoming and there are hopes the future is bright. On top 10 only one crypto succumbed.

Various groups on Twitter, Whats app and Facebook Coinpedia monitored indicated there is the possibility of Segwit being activated. This piece of news has sent excitement all over the community.

Anyway, we are still waiting for August 1, and now that the threat has come down it is a sure bet our detractors have lost once more. In the end, it will be decentralisation that wins once more.

Markets Update

Satoshi Nakamoto’s brainchild which is transforming the world like never before is now being sold at $$2374.21. As a matter of fact, it soared 5.16 percent.

Ethereum made the 2nd best gains for the day with a gigantic 24.78 percentage points. This feat brought its price to $240.77. A great improvement upon yesterday wins.

The third most valuable digital currency is still Ripple. It sailed 5.80 to close its price at $0.185137.

Litecoin strangely continues to grow at a snail pace. Today, it is the least growth for the day. The market price is $44.17  whilst it went up by 1.18 percent.

Fifth placed Ethereum Classic just is the 3rd smallest growth rate for the day. Yesterday it was the slightest leap. It climbed 4.82 percent and sold for $16.00.

Dash catapulted a price of $164.55 and rose 8.68 percent. It has actually doubled its previous day increase.

At number seven NEM was up 2.24 to register the 2nd least gains of the day. The exchanges were selling it at $0.133494.

The only fall of the day was recorded by on and off IOTA. Its loss was 2.41 to sell at $0.278194.

Monero won 6.90 percent to maintain the 9th position. Actually, the anon virtual currency is on the market for sale at $37.04.

Coinpedia for some days have been predicting Veritaseum should be watched and truly it is in the top echelons today. The entry was a gallant! Towering above all for the day with a 29.41 percent, the selling rate was  $234.30.

Honourable Mention

Zcash is the Coinpedia Honourable Mention of the day. At number 13, it flew 17.86 percent. Good for you Zcash.


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