An individual from Republican from the United States of Representatives asked for more strict regulations regarding illegal tax avoidance in the world of Digital currency.

In a discussion regarding ‘2018 National Defense Authorization Act’ a Congressman by the name of Dana Rohrabacher spoke regarding the issue. The act which was the main topic of discussion was for a funding measure for the US military which ultimately got green signal.

As indicated by a transcript of the-level-headed discussion, “individuals with Bitcoins living in dictatorial administrations all through the world have the chance to shield their benefits from oppressive and degenerate governments”. Once the discussions regarding the perpetually developing contention of Russian association in the 2016 presidential race was over Rohrabacher changed gears to talk digital currencies.

Terrorist’s Activities

Rohrabacher stated further that, “I think we ought to urge digi-currencies to execute full illegal-tax-avoidance and KYC, Know-Your-Client standards. These assurance ought to engage both our legal authorization and country security experts to monitor terrorists’ financing, to protect our flexibility of utilizing digital money…and maintain America in the number one position of this innovative progress.”

However before those comments, Rohrabacher expelled the possibility of prohibiting digital money entirely, setting that “forbidding digital money won’t keep terrorists from utilizing them any more than prohibiting weapons will keep law-breakers from utilizing them”.

The problem of electronic money rules has accumulated heat in Congress in the previous year. As observed by the rise of activities like the Congressional Blockchain Council and the recording of bills which call for more profound investigation into the subject.


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