This weekend wasn’t a pleasant one at all. The roller coaster was intense like Hurricane Katrina, leaving in its wake a lot of damages. Obviously, the markets have responded to August 1 closing in with significant ramifications. Experts and analysts are cocksure it will continue unabated until the day of decision.

Meanwhile, the rally crying around the community is HOLD. Proponents believe that the moment this is over, we are going to see the price rising to all time high. In fact, they believe this is the time to buy since prices have come down.

Markets Update

Later part of yesterday, Bitcoin gathered itself and started to fight back. It was getting scary as it was now in the $1800s. This morning it came up to $2000 but at press time it was being sold for $1999.98. Anyway, it was still in the red but this time at a rate of 0.82 percent.

Fascinatingly, Ethereum is up 2.05 percent and could be traded for $166.89. It has lost almost half of its market value.

Number three Cryptocurrency, Ripple is still on the ground accounting for the 2nd most declined entity for the day. With a negative 5.52 percent output, it has a selling price of $0.158351.

Meanwhile, Segwit pioneer, Litecoin made a 4.34 percent gains to sell at $41.71. It seems it is the least affected virtual currency in the ongoing market crunch.

Number 5th ranked Ethereum Classic is still nursing bruises and made a little profit of 0.5 percent. As a matter of fact, its market rate has come way down to $14.88.

Dash is number six but lost 1.15 percentage points. It actually closed at the price of  $138.53.

Today, New Economic Movement recorded the highest slump for the day with 7.49 percent. The exchanges traded it at the rate of $0.102075.

From Coinpedia’s perspective, IOTA has deteriorated more than any other virtual currency in the past 2 weeks reducing its market share almost two thirds. However, it made biggest earnings today with 17.23 percent with a market price of $0.192882.

Monero is still at number nine and sank 2.29 percent to sell at $31.10. This is appalling looking at how it was selling above $50 a month ago.

EOS is back to top 10 posting the 2nd best of the day of 6.38 percent. It could be bought for $1.37.

Honourable Mention

Veritaseum is making a strong statement by springing 22.40 percent in these gloomy times to become number 17. It had a selling  rate of $128.35 to be the Coinpedia Honourable Mention of the day.


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