As the shine of Bitcoin is no longer hidden worldwide; these big companies are now ready to accept payments in BTC. Companies including Microsoft, Intuit, Dish Net, are now on the way of Bitcoin. Another company, Paypal, which could be considered almost rival has also shown its interest in admiring Bitcoin.

With the digitalization happening all around the globe Bitcoin which was earlier considered Darknet currency is no more seen similarly. It has been observed in past few years that people have started using the currency in various domains.

A high number of advanced and progressive enterprises are now looking amazed by the growth of the currency. BTC has revolutionized the interests of these dynamic organizations. Let’s start peeping into the interests of these big shot companies in Bitcoin. To begin with let’s consider:


It is a matter of respect and honor that a huge-giant like Microsoft has shown its interest in Bitcoin. Microsoft is the pioneer in the field of technology and innovation.

Microsoft and Xbox showered their blessings on Bitcoin back in the year 2014. They allowed their customers to buy them at Windows and stores respectively. They did not just showed their interest in BTC rather trusted them long back. At that point of time BTC were not even popular neither that much trusted.

In order to provide ease and facility to big-business-firms for settling the monetary data, Microsoft has started using Blockchain. Blockchain is the technology which is the base of Bitcoin, on which they are developed.

A service platform which works on the Blockchain Technology has helped to make it happen. The name of this aid is Azure. Excel is one of the basic backbone for almost all the enterprises for maintaining their data. In the next release of Excel the spreadsheets would be integrated with Bitcoin amongst the other currency options.

Dish Net

On the requests and suggestions of its customers-clients, Dish Network has started receiving the payments in Bitcoin. Coinbase, payment processor was joint for the purpose.This is not something new rather its the story of May 2014. This would prove to be a simple substitute for the clients for payments of their subscriptions of digi-television services.


Another big player who has started receiving payments in Blockchain based technology, Bitcoin is Paypal. You must be shocked to listen to it. BTC can be considered one of the direct competitors of PayPal but still they are considering an integration. Sounds illogical? But that’s true. Paypal is the world’s greatest platform for paying and receiving online.

This is again the story which revolves around the year 2014, September when receipt of payments in BTC was announced. However, it would not be a direct transaction platform, rather Braintree, mobile payment platform would be involved.

A link-up of Braintree with a few coins like Bitpay, Gocoin, Coinbase etc can be observed. This link-up would allow the tradesman to allow remittance of payments via Bitcoin. However due to the break-off in the payment processor from Ebay, after their amalgamation,the processing speed slowed down. declared the receipt of the payments in Bitcoins back in the year 2014. In the month of January this huge and very much respected Electronic tailer has put through an association with Coinbase. One can buy a-to-zee anything and everything from this E-tailer, for instance clothes, jewelery, home decor etc.

A huge return has been observed by the company since the growth of BTC from year 2014 till date. They maintained a reserve of up-to 10% of Bitcoins which proved to be an enormous step.


With the cross-border clients, this huge software giant has incorporated with Bitcoin. In year 2014 Bitpay joined hands with Quickbooks for the creation of PayByCoin which further enabled one-day settlement of monetary-accounts. Intuit is the software mammoth at the back of Quick-Books. Quickbook is the program which is a DIY Tax Prepation Program

All these are reasons for Bitcoin to conquer the problem of instability. With the usage of BTC all the middlemen are evacuated from the whole scene, especially in overseas administration.


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