Ardor will soon become real in form of an Asset on the NXT Asset Exchange. That will happen pretty soon and when that will happen trading Ardor will effectively become possible.
That will be the moment in time when the value of Ardor, from a speculative perspective will be defined.

For about one year Ardor will be only available in form of Asset on the NXT Asset Exchange and in Q3 2017 Ardor will be officially launched.

When that will happen there will actually be NXT 1.x still supported for the following year, the new Ardor and the first child chain (FNX?) that will be the former NXT migrated on the new platform.

From the roadmap point of view it’s quite simple: NXT will be migrated on Ardor as a child chain and the old NXT will slowly be phased out.

But what is interesting is what will happen from a speculative point of view. Who holds NXT today will basically be entitled to Ardor, NXT and FNX.

NXT 1.x will most likely still be more advanced then many other players on the market and could be still very attractive to who is happy with the current set of features available. So I won’t expect a crash in price of NXT at the launch of Ardor.
Ardor on the other hand will be revolutionary as it will bring blockchain technology to another level and FNX will be the first child chain launched on Ardor which will should take over, in theory the evaluation of NXT at that point in time.
So, as a (little) holder of NXT today, I’m very much looking forward to observe what will happen from the speculative point of view.
Obviously the technology is what really matters, and the developers should be applauded every day for what they are able to build, but a bit of price driven spiciness makes it more fun for the audience. 🙂
Who wants to dare to guess what will be the price at the launch of Ardor in Q3 2017?

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