In the last couple of years, with big ups and downs, I followed the development of NXT and enjoyed the great community that made this amazing platform possible.
In the “up” times, I was mainly passively following the news and not much more. But now I decided that I will try to contribute actively to the community by creating this website.
Why NXT Folks?
We have a functional forum, a slack channel, a skype group, but why not try something different?
NXT Folks doesn’t have the ambition or the arrogance to replace the existing forum or the other communication channels which are well established and working well.
Instead, it’s a new place that gives you the possibility to have also a fully functional forum but also much more! You have a complete social network with a blog where (almost) every user can write, private messages, public or private groups that every user can create.
So register and start being a active NXT Folk right now!
Hope you enjoy!


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